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Tour of Nonouti by KiLGA

The Finance and Administrative Officer, Rae Bainteiti, visited Nonouti from 23-29 May, on the ship LC Butimari.

The officer had a meeting with the Mayor on the island, Mayor Tetoa Benetito to explain the purpose of his visit, which was to compile information and data for the Council’s Profile.

Training Needs for Council Staff in Kiribati

One of the main aims of KiLGA when it was first set up by the Kiribati Mayors in 2012, is to ensure that all Mayors, Councillors and Council staff are given appropriate capacity building to allow them to serve their communities better.

Towards this end, KiLGA officials have visited several Councils to discuss the issue and come up with strategies to deal with this important issue. Council with the right capacity to deal with its roles and functions will be more effective service delivery organizations.

Based on the visits and discussion, it was found out that there is a great need for training and courses on areas such as Office Management for Clerks and Deputy Clerks, Accounting for Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers, Economics for  Island Project Officers, Computing for general staff to assist them work with computers and use the Internet, Security Training for Village Wardens, Pre-school education for Pre-schools teachers, Health Education for Nursing Aides, Mechanics for drivers and mechanics. 

It was also found out that there has been no training for staff and Councillors for a long time, the last set of training conducted by TTI (now KIT) ended in 1993.

Strategic Plan for Abaiang Council drafted

The MayNgaluengaor for Abaiang, Cr. Ngaluenga K. Iatakee, with assistance provided by KiLGA, has produced a draft Strategic Plan for his Council that contains a list of strategies and projects covering the period 2013 to 2016. The Plan has been noted by the full Council in its meeting in February.

Eutan Tarawa Council Supports 100% School Attendance in its Primary Schools

The ETC is suppoNorth Tarawa Childrenrting full school attendance of by students in North Tarawa. In several villages on the island, village communities are making regulations that are resulting in 100% attendance of pupils in Primary schools.

In Abaokoro Village, where the Council has its headquarters, children are not allowed to miss lessons and roam around at night after 10 pm during weekdays. Parents are penalized $5 for each day their children miss school and taken to court by the Village Chairperson, for more strict penalties if the offense is repeated.

In some Kindergarten and Primary schools, and, with the assistance of the Samaritan Sisters, English is being widely used as a means of instructions and for communication amongst the students and teachers at the school compounds.

The Mayor, Harry Tekaiti, said that he is fully supportive of the developments since his vision is for North Tarawa to become a developed island through education and private sector development.


TUC Strategic Plan Launch today

TUC_official Logo

TUC Official Logo

The official launching of Teinainano Urban Council Strategic Plan (SP) will take place today at 4pm.

The launch will be held at the Otintaai Hotel Maneaba. The TUC SP is a milestone achievement for the Council and Local Government, being the first to be launched in Kiribati.

TUC’s SP was funded by the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, based in Suva,  headed by Karibaiti Taoaba and supported by the Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs (MISA) and the Kiribati Local Government Association (KiLGA).

BTC meets with Stakeholders to finalize its Strategic Plan

Official Logo of Betio Town Council

Official Logo of Betio Town Council

The Betio Town Council today meets with its key development partners to finalize its 2013 – 2016 Strategic Plan. The consultation is a follow up to previous work conducted and funded by UNICEF who carried out extensive work on collation of data and information from the general public leading to the public consultation and several workshops last year. Today’s event is funded by CLGF.

Full detail story will be posted soon.

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