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Partnership between the Judiciary Department and KiLGA for the construction of Court Houses for Councils

17 February—KiLGA met with Acting Chief Registrar (CR) of the High Court, Sr. Bernadette Eberi, (pictured) at her offie to discuss the proposal by the Nikunau Island Council to formulate a project for the construction of the Island’s Court House and office of the Court Clerk.
In late 2012, a team led by the Chief Justice and the CR, was on Nikunau for a workshop for all Magistrates from Southern Islands. It was then that the CR came to realise that the island had no Court house and that court sessions were held at the Council mwaneaba. Unfortunately, the sessions were subject to distractions, disturbances, interruptions and even cancellations. At that time, the CR and the Council saw the need for the construction of a court house immediately. Several options were considered including one, the rehabilitation of a former KIT prototype house that was running down and, two, the conversion of an unused garage to a court house. The idea was again taken up to the EO of KiLGA during his visit to the island for his Profiling work.

Processing and Bottling Toddy Products for Export

The Senior Trade Officer of the Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Cooperatives (MCIC), Ms. Roreti Eritai, paid a visit to KiLGA on 19 February to discuss ways to process toddy products and enhance handicrafts for export.
On the issue of handicrafts, Ms. Eritai advised that her Ministry is keen to support initiatives on the production and export of handicrafts that are of high quality. On the proposal to reprocess and bottle kamwaimwai and bwakamaieta as health foods and delicacies, she advised that there are simple and inexpensive machines that can be used to process and bottle kamwimwai (toddy syrup) and bwakamaieta (toddy-coconut cream mixture) to international export standards.

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