Monthly Archives: August 2013

Taiwan’s Ambassador Chu is keen to send KiLGA Mayors to Taiwan

In a meeting betwCaptureeen the KiLGA’s Executive Board and the Taiwan Ambassador that place over dinner at the  Golden Restaurant in Teaoraereke on Wednesday 8 May, the Taiwan Ambassador, Abraham Chu, said he supports Local Government and will try to organise tours to Taiwan by Mayors from Kiribati in the near future.

The meeting with the Ambassador was organised by KiLGA to convey the gratitude of the Councils in Kiribati for the continuing assistance from Taiwan to Councils, and in particular for the new JSS trucks that have recently arrived and were being distributed to Councils. These were conveyed by the Chairman of KiLGA, Mayor Romano Reo,  on behalf of the Board and the members.

In response the Ambassador reiterated his recognition of KiLGA’s important role as a forum for Councils and urged that contacts to similar Associations in Taiwan be made through the Kiribati Ambassador to Taiwan, Ms. Teekoa Iuta.


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