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Hand Washing Day Celebration Brings Great Merriment

21st October, CB Primary – The Hand Washing Day function, was held at the See Bee Primary School in Abarao and broadcast live on Radio Kiribati. The event kicked off at 2 pm with marching by pupils from various schools including preschools from South Tarawa and Betio and a float procession. This was followed by speeches, shows, presentations and displays by over ten schools from preschool, primary and secondary levels.
The Secretary of Education, Kaaro Metai, (insert) delivered the opening address.

Preschool pupils performing a dance

KiLGA Joins the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ (MIA) for ETC’s Strategic Planning Workshop

7-8 Oct, Abaokoro – A team from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by the Minister, Hon. Atarake Nataara and his Secretary, Mrs. Bwakura Metutera-Timeon, accompanied by KiLGA and ChildFundNZ officials, conducted a series of consultations with the full Council and CSO representatives of Eutan Tarawa Council on areas including Financial Management, Village Bank, Strategic Planning and Development Project Management.
KiLGA and ChildFund were involved in the development of the Council’s Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2020, which was first formulated in June 2016. The Strategic Plan workshop started on Friday, 7 October and was to be continued the following day, but the Council requested that it was deferred till the election of the Mayor was completed.

ETC Councillors and CSO representatives during the Strategic Planning consultation.

Mayors Harry Tekaiti and Rakunoua Tiota Re-elected Unopposed

At the end of the registration of candidates for Mayors in mid-October, 2016, two mayors retained their seats, being unopposed. These were Harry Tekaiti of Eutan Tarawa Council and Rakunuoa Tiota of Maiana Island Council.
Harry Tekaiti, (Left Photo) was the youngest mayor in the 2012 Council Elections, when he became Mayor for Eutan Tarawa Council at age 25. He has been an elected member of the KiLGA’s Executive Board (2014-15) and a recipient of the Young Leaders Programme award, sponsored by the Republic of China, Taiwan, which involved a visit to, and study of, various organisations in Taiwan in 2015.
Rakunoua Tiota, (Right Photo) is a career Local Government politician, having worked as a Police constable (1976-81) then an Assistant Treasurer moving up to Deputy Clerk for the Maiana Island Council. In 2012, he was elected Councillor for Bubutei Nuka and shortly thereafter, Mayor for Maiana. He was born on 20 August, 1959.

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