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Training Applications Submitted to UCLG ASPAC

Information about a training workshop on “Local Economic Vitalization” in Gangwon province, Korea from 26th of February to 6th of March, was circulated to Urban and other Council Clerks in February with interests received from many Clerks. However, only two applications were received by deadline from the Kiritimati Urban Council Clerk, Alice Tabokai and that for Maiana Island Council, Arima Teukera. No response from training organisers has been received on the application to date.
The training, funded by the International Urban Training Center (IUTC) and UN-HABITAT, was circulated to KiLGA from the UCLG ASPAC’s Secretariat in Djakarta, Indonesia. KiLGA is a member of UCLG ASPAC, since 2016.

Clerks Arima Teukera (Maiana) and Alice Tabokai (Kiritimati)

TUC’s Strategic Plan Organising Committee approves Action Plan

23 February, TUC Boardroom – KiLGA was invited to join a meeting of the TUC Strategic Plan Organising Committee, coordinated by the TUC’s Organisational Development Technical Advisor (AVID), Andrew Antenucci, to review and endorse the proposed work plan for the Strategic Planning formulation. Other technical officers invited were Eliza Tokataake, Urban Management Officer of MIA, MP Teburoro Tito, Mayor of BTC Tauia Taoaba and his Clerk, Mikari Ooka. The TUC’s Strategic Planning Committee, is comprised of the Mayor, Mr. Taoaba Kaiea, his Vice Mayor, Mr. Raurenti Toatu, Councillor Tebwebwe Teraka, Clerk Akoia Teabi, Andrew Antenucci and the Deputy Clerk. The Committee reviewed the Action Plan that will involve extensive community consultations, to be led by Councillors for each ward, technical meetings as well as full Council meetings. An estimated $6,000 would be needed for the consultations and other requirements, for which the Urban Management Officer from MIA was asked to seek and secure from government or other sources.

Draft National Anti-Corruption Strategy Completed at a Retreat in Tabontekeke, North Tarawa

Members of the Anti-Corruption Committee with Terieta Mwemwenikeaki, Secretary of the Pubic Service Office, (sitting far right)

24-26 February, Abatao – A team of senior officials from selected government departments and NGOs, including KiLGA, participated in a three-day retreat in the quiet environment of Tabontekeke Motel, Abatao, North Tarawa, and completed a draft Anti-Corruption Strategic Plan for Kiribati. The retreat was coordinated by the Public Service Office.
The Strategic Plan’s seven thematic areas were drafted separately by officers representing ministries or organisations that deal with the topic. The thematic areas include ‘Public Integrity and Professionalism in the Public Service’, (led by PSO), ‘Public Finance Management and Procurement’ (MFED/KNAO), Legislative Reform (MoJ), Public Awareness and Education (MoE/ MIA/KiLGA), Institutional Capacity-Building (PSO), Enforcement and Criminalization (OAG/KPS), International Cooperation and Asset Recovery (OAG/MFAI), Preventing Corruption in the Private Sector (MCIC/ KCCI/ KiLGA). The retreat was successful in reaching its objectives, a comprehensive draft strategic plan.

UNDP’s Small Grants Programme (SGP) National Steering Committee

A newly-created National Steering Committee of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP), controlled by the UNDP office in Kiribati, had a meeting to elect its new Chairperson and adopt its 2017 work programme. The SGP Coordinator, Dr. Komeri Onorio organized the election of the chairperson and guided the committee through the agenda.
The committee unanimously elected Mayor Taoaba Kaiea as its chairperson. Members include representatives from UNDP, OB, Environment Conservation Division (ECD), UN WOMEN, Eco-Care Group, KiLGA and others.

KiLGA reports EE Rating on Local Government in Kiribati

KiLGA has carried out an assessment of Local Government’s Enabling Environment Rating for Kiribati, as part of an Asia-Pacifi regional project known as the ‘City and Local Government Enabling Environment: Rating in Asia and the Pacific’ (EE Rating for short).
The assessment is coordinated by the United Cities and Local Government for Asia and the Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) and is aimed at assessing Councils’ performance, their effectiveness, or lack of it, in the delivery of their services, legal support for Councils, their capacity, their financially sustainability, status of women in decision making and others.

Betio te Baretaiti Project Kicks Off

20 February, BTC – ‘Betio te Baretaiti’ Project was opened with the signing of the project’s MOU between the Executive Director of the PIPA Trust Fund, Mr. Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa and Clerk to BTC, Mikari Ooka. Guests invited included the Minister of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development, Hon. Tebao Awerika, Mayor Tauia Taoaba, respected elders of Betio communities and government officials.
The project allows funding from the PIPA Trust Fund to be used for a series of clean up campaigns and public awareness to residents of Betio to assist with the cleaning up the town to turn it into “Betio te Baretaiti” – Betio Paradise.

17 February, Parliament Grounds, Ambo -TUC Mayor, Taoaba Kaiea hosted the launching of the Council’s website and the initial discussions on an MOU with government, aimed at getting all contractors and project implementing companies to pay a fee to the Council as a condition before starting their project or contract. The government was represented by Hon. Dr. Teuea Toatu, Minister of Finance & Economic Development and his wife, Brucetta.
Another reason for the celebration was the donation of over $80,000 by MP Teburoro Tito, that will be used to fund TUC’s projects.

Tamana Mayor and Clerk Sought Advice on Investment of Surplus Funds and others Issues

Mayor Eken Taumauri (left) and Clerk Teauatara Viriona

8 Feb. 2017—The Mayor of Tamana, Eken Taumauri and his Clerk Teauatara Viriona, visited KiLGA to discuss investment options for surplus Council funds and other issues including new and alternative sources of revenues to meet a wage increase for its employees in compliance with the minimum wage law, the updating of the Council’s bye-laws to allow for new a fee structure on motorcycle licence, creating a new policy directing all visiting officials from government divisions, projects or SOEs to include a Council official in its selection panel for recruitment done on Tamana, upgrading of preschools staff and infrastructure in preparation for the Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) Act implementation, and others.

KILGA joins UNICEF team visit to Maiana for WASH surveys in schools

1-2 February, Tebangetua, Maiana – A ten-member WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) team, led by UNICEF’s Chief Field Officer, Cromwell Bacareza, visited Maiana, on a speed boat, to conduct a survey at schools on the island to determine their WASH compliance and resilience and also to monitor the progress of EU-funded Rain Water Harvesting tanks for communities.

Mayor of Teeraina Island Council

Mayor Kanofou Kieni of Teeraina was first elected Councillor for Tangkore, in 2014 to replace a former Councillor. In 2016 he was reelected and also elected Mayor. Born on Abemama in 1971 he was educated at Kiritimati Primary School and at St. Joseph’s College, Tabwiroa from 1986. His wife is Ema Taukaban; they have three daughters and two sons and belong to the Roman Catholics church.

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