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Mayor for Abaiang Island Council

Ianetama Kaititaake

Mayor Ianetama Kaititaake was born on Abaiang on 22 October, 1966. He was educated at the Leone Anderson Primary School at Takarano, then Kauma High School from 1981 and at the Kiribati Teachers College from 1985-87, where he graduated and worked as a Primary School Teacher. From 2001 to 2014 he became a JSS Teacher for Kiribati, Industrial Arts and Maths. He was elected the Councillor for Borotiam and later Mayor for Abaiang in 2016. Hiss wife is Kantaake, also a Primary School Teacher, and they have two daughters and four sons.

Mayor of Marakei Island Council

Mayor Mawanei Atannara of Marakei– The Mayor (53) was first elected Councillor for Rawannawi village in 2012. He attended Nikierere Primary school on Marakei and later entered the PST (St. Louis) in Teaoraereke. He is Catholic.

Executive Board’s Meeting No.1/17

Members of the KiLGA’s Executive Board (L-R) Sitting – Mayors Tebabura Tanaua, Taoaba Kaiea (Chairman), Tauia Viane Taoaba (Deputy Chairman) and Tabukirake Baraniko; Standing – Teepa Manaia, Bakaia Kiabo and Rikiaua Takeke (Executive Officer).

27 January, TUC Boardroom, Teaoraereke – The KiLGA’s Executive Board held its first meeting to make decisions on the 2017 budget and work plan, review reports and others. Mayor Moote Terukaio (Nikunau) could not attend.

USP Promoted its Courses to Mayors

26/1/17—Mayors and Clerk met the Director of USP, Dr. Ueantabo Mckenzie and his staff to discuss higher education. The Lecturer for Education, Dr. Takuia Uakeia explained the courses run by the university for Primary School teachers and other students. Tereeao Teingia, Continuing Education Coordinator, explained the courses she runs, including those for preschool teachers that Councils can request for when they have a good number of students on their islands.
[/caption] Dr. Ueantabo Mackenzie, (top) and (below) Dr. Takuia Uakeia and Tereeao Teingiia

MFMRD’s Secretary updated Mayors and Clerks

Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources Development, Dr. Naomi Biribo

Mayors and Clerks discussed fisheries projects and issues with the Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources Development (MFMRD), Dr. Naomi Biribo (pictured) and her staff at the USP Conference centre on 25 January, 2017.
The MFMRD and Councils have worked together on fishing projects including the Outrigger Canoes and Fishing Boats projects. The Secretary informed the audience about a new project to buy bigger fishing vessels that the whole island or Council could operate, to fish in the open waters for high-demand catches that can be sold to the Kiribat Fish Co. or exported overseas.

Mayors and Clerks met the new Secretary of MOJ

Secretary of MOJ, Birimaka Tekanene, explaining his Ministry, watched by two of his divisional heads and Mayor Kanofou Kieni of Teeraina (far Right).

Many questions about the newly-created Ministry of Justice (MOJ—Botaki ni Mwakuri Ibukin te Tua) were answered for the Mayors and Clerks, during a session by the MOJ’s Secretary, Birimaaka Tekanene, on 24 January, 2017 at USP Conference Centre in Teaoraereke.
Birimaka explained the vision, objectives, structure and divisions that have become part of, or given oversight over to the Ministry. These include Admin of Law & Justice, Justice Service and Policy, Prisons (Corrections) and Probation, Legal Aid & Human Rights, Civil Registration, Election, Citizenship, Customs Service, and Law Reform. It has oversight over the Office of the Attorney General, Parliament and the Judiciary. The Ministry’s existence was allowed when Parliament approved the Constitution amendment on 8th September, 2016. On 28th September, 2016, it was formerly established with the swearing in of Hon. Natan Teewe as its first Minister.
The Mayors expressed support to the Secretary and his new Ministry but revealed that Judiciary and Police officers’ attitudes towards attendance that need his attention.

KPF Officials Promoted Voluntary Contributions by Fishermen & Copra Cutters

Senior Officers from the Kiribati Provident Fund (KPF), led by Martin Tekanene, made an eye-opening presentation to the Mayors and Clerks during a session held on 26 January, 2017 at the USP Conference Centre, Teaoraereke. The KPF team reported that one of their growing services is the voluntary contributions, aimed at anyone interested, including Councillors, fishermen and copra cutters, especially from the outer islands. Many of these customers have spare cash to save on a voluntary basis. The KPF revealed that Marakei is the island with the biggest amount of voluntary contributions.
An officer from the Fund also explained how the members can access their accounts shown in the Fund’s Webface, if they have internet connections. Such access can be useful for members who want to apply for loans.
KPF services on the outer islands are provided by KPF agents, who are stationed on most islands.

MFED’s Senior Officials Updated Mayors and Clerks on the RERF and Copra Fund

24/1/17, USP Campus, Teaoraereke —Two senior officials from the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MFED) updated Mayors and Clerks, on the Revenue Equalisation Reserve Fund (RERF) and the Copra Fund.

Crom Bacareza (sitting) Rick Steele (standing )
during a session with Mayors and Clerks from all Councils in Kiribati

KiLGA shared an advocacy session for Mayors and Clerks with its key partners in Kiribati, UNICEF and ChildFund, at the USP Conference Room on 23 January, 2017.
Rick Steele of ChildFund explained that his organization is planning to run a pilot project in Betio aimed at improving the social and economic wellbeing of children there. One of the activities is building a Youth Learning Centre to provide training and vocational courses for out of school and left-behind youths. Already, many local partners, including KIT, have given support to the initiative.
UNICEF’s chief Cromwell Bacareza and his staff reported on the Rain Water Harvesting Tanks project and received explanations from Mayors and Clerks concerned on the delays. Common issues include the lack of or late delivery of construction materials or absence of a competent builder in the community to build the tank stands and shelter.

Mayors and Clerks Attended Government Summit

16 Jan. 2017, Blacklock Mwaneaba, Antebuka – Mayors and Clerks from all Councils, (except Nikunau and Banaba), gathered for a two week summit, supported and organized jointly by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Office of Te Beretitenti (OB), with contributions from other government ministries, such as Labour & HRD (MLHRD) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). It was aimed at getting the top island leaders such as Unimwane, Unnaine and Mayors, to discuss and help resolve national issues on, or related to, Climate Change, Labour & Employment and the draft Early Childhood Care Education Bill (ECCE), among others.

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