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Masters’ Student From Sweden Supported by ChildFund & KiLGA

Anna Fallgren of Sweden (pictured) carried out a research on the topic related to Nutrition and young women that involved interviews, focus group discussions, literature reviews and more at various sites in Tarawa, including Bikenibeu and Betio. The youthful student, in pursing her Master’s thesis, was supported by ChildFund and KiLGA, while in the country for about two months.

KiLGA nominated to the EC’s Platform for Development (PFD)

7 March—The Secretary General of the United Cities and Local Government, Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjadradewi (pictured) has nominated KiLGA’s Executive Officer, to represent KiLGA and the Pacific Local Governments at the European Commission’s (EC) Policy Forum on Development (PFD).
This was welcomed by KiLGA since it will allow its participation in the high-level discussions with the EU on matters that relate to development of Local Governments authorities and communities.
The last member representing the Pacific was the Local Authorities Association of Vanuatu, LAAV, which, together with KiLGA, was established in 2012, with financial assistance from the EU. LAAV is facing many challenges currently.

Dr. Bernadia

KiLGA Takes Part in the Training of IPOs

Saturday, March 4, 2017, MIA –Island Project Officers (IPOs) from all 23 Councils in Kiribati attended a session on developing Strategic Plans for Local Economic Development (LED) delivered jointly by Eliza Tokataake, Urban Management Officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and Rikiaua Takeke, Executive Officer of the KiLGA.
The topics include ‘Benefits and Relevance of LEDS to Council Communities’, ’Using SWOT Analysis in LED Planning’ and others. The IPOs were encouraged to use the skills they have learned by completing new LED projects and submitting them for assessment via e-mail to KiLGA. This is a kind of test to see if they are able to draft and submit project proposals to donors such as NZ, Australia and Canada, through the Internet
The training is part of a two-week training course for IPOs that the Rural Planning Division (RPD) of MIA organized, fully funded by the division from its surplus funds for 2016.
“We had wanted to carry out this training for our IPOs so remaining funds from our 2016 recurrent budget was used to purchase their air tickets,” said Kaotitaake Kokoria, the Acting Director of RPD.
The IPOs agreed that the training was valuable and also allowed them to come together in Tarawa and share good practices and experiences.

Island Project Officers in a group photo at MIA in Bairiki

Proposed Councils’ Adaptation Fund to Assist Councils

Most Councils in Kiribati have money constraints in their operations and for projects for their communities. One way of providing such resources is to pool together their own funds and establish a Local Government Development Fund that should be able to provide small grants to Councils as and when needed and is sustainable.
KiLGA is currently collaborating with the Rural Planning Division (RPD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose Acting Director Kaotitaake Kokoria is consulting relevant authorities and bodies on the matter. These include the National Economic Planning Office (NEPO), Kiribati Development Bank (KDB) and the Kiribati Provident Fund (KPF). KiLGA has also consulted other bodies including the World Bank, USAID’s Climate Ready, PIPA and others.
One proposal is to study the Tuvalu’s Falekaupule Fund model, which is very successful. Initial contacts has been made with officers of the Falekaupule Fund and more discussions are expected in the near future.
Recently, concrete support came from the Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA) Trust Fund’s CEO, Mr. Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa, who expressed his support to the move and his willingness to provide technical advice and advocacy with its international partners.
Some Councils have already agreed to invest their own funds in the Fund., including their IBD savings as well as their allocations from the government’s Priority Projects.

Kaotitaake Kokoria (Left) and Eliza Tokataake, during the IPO training

KiLGA Joins UNICEF and KIRIWATSAN Celebrate World Water Day on Butaritari

22 March, Butaritari – The Executive Officer of KiLGA joined a team from UNICEF and Kiriwatsan II from Tarawa to witness one of the most exciting and colourful celebrations of World Water Day on Butaritari atoll.
The celebration, held at the Council field, involved marching by school children, community and women’s groups, dancing and music and a display of the famous unuaka war game, done by very young boys and girls from Tabonuea. The unuaka game proved to be the highlight when boys, as young as nine, skillfully stepped forward and danced, swayed and maneuvered their way to avoid thick bwabwai stalks hurled at them by adults, who seemed determined to hit them. The kids were well-trained and their split-second movements to deflect or sidestep the speeding missiles, saved them from certain injury or worse. Fortunately, none were hit, much to the joy of the onlookers and the sobbing of their mothers.
The rest of the celebrations, which took place in the Council mwaneaba, involved competitions by schools on public speaking, drama, poem reading and singing. It was great entertainment and a special time to bring together all schools and communities to learn about water as a precious commodity and celebrate the day together. Pauline Komalong, Project Director of Kiriwatsan III, was overjoyed. “I am so proud of the Council and the communities, for they voluntarily put all their efforts, resources and hearts into the celebration.”

Children from Tabonuea performing the ‘Unuaka’ game

KiLGA’s Office Assistant Joins UNICEF Team to Abaiang

Tekeaki Tebotu (Front, 2nd from Left) with some Island Education Officers

Tekeaki Tebotu, KiLGA’s Office Assistant, joined the Kiribati Wash in School (KWinS) Committee in a tour to Abaiang where a workshop for Island Education Coordinators (IEC), was held at Terau Beach Resort in Tebero village, from 17-19 March. KiLGA is one of the key members of the KWinS Committee, set up in 2016 with coordination by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and UNICEF.

Human Stories for UNICEF including on Mayor Nakareke Benson

KiLGA is working closely with UNICEF to produce human stories of children whose lives have been positively changed by UNICEF’s various initiatives and programmes, including WASH, as well as adults, including Health Workers and volunteers who have contributed to the changes.
To date five stories have been completed including those on Council and community leaders who have provided unceasing support and voluntary contributions to WASH activities in their communities. These include Mayor Nakareke Benson of Butaritari Island Council (pictured) who has supervised the completion of many water tanks on his island, voluntarily, and worked tirelessly to have everyone on his island own and use a water-sealed toilet by 2017.

Battle of Tarawa Museum Committee Steps Forward

15 March, BTC Boardroom – The Betio Town Council’s proposal to establish a museum to house and display WWII artifacts and other cultural remains in the Japanese bunker near the High Court, came closer to fruition with a meeting of the key stakeholders that included the Kiribati National Tourism Office (KNTO), Cultural Division, History Flight, LDS Church, BTC and KiLGA.
The Committee was chaired by the BTC Mayor, Tauia Taoaba and comprised Mr. Salona Resture (LDS church) Dusty Rather and Hillary Parsons (History Flight), Eera Teakai (Cultural Division, MIA), Ereata Benson, (Kiribati National Tourism Office) Mikari Ooka (BTC Clerk) and Rikiaua Takeke, (KiLGA).
The LDS church is a key partner as it owns a portion of the land where the bunker is located and has agreed to fence off the area and carry out landscaping works at the site. History Flight, the NGO carrying out excavating works for US soldiers’ remains on Betio, has also agreed to provide some support to the museum including artifacts dug up on Betio.
The Committee agreed to hold more meetings to decide on a timeline of activities.

USAID’s Climate Ready Comes to Kiribati

USAID ‘Climate Ready’ consultation.

28 March, Ministry of Finance Boardroom, Bairiki – A delegation from the USAID’s Climate Ready Project held consultations with members of the Kiribati National Expert Group (KNEG) from 9 AM-12.30 PM and later with NSA reps from 2 PM at the same venue.
The team, comprised of officers from its Manila and Suva offices, made presentations to explain the objectives and other details of the $24m Climate Change adaptation project to involve 12 countries in the region including Kiribati. One of the team members from the Suva office, told the participants that the project will start off by continuing from climate change adaptation programmes that have already started.

Mayor Tauia Taoaba attends the UNESCAP’s City Mayors Summit in Thailand

Mayor Tauia Taoaba (BTC), Deputy Chairman of KiLGA, (pictured) represented the Association at the Asia-Pacific’s City Mayors Summit, held in Bangkok, Thailand from 29-31 March, sponsored by UNESCAP. The summit titled, ‘Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2017’ (APFSD 2017) had as its theme – “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing Asia Pacific.”
Mayor Tauia had a chance to meet with other Mayors from the Asia Pacific region in a Roundtable that allowed deliberations on the APFSD’s theme and provided the perspective of local governments, drawing from experiences across cities in Asia-Pacific in eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity. Another outcome of the summit is the list of recommendations for strengthening local action for poverty eradication and promoting prosperity in the region.
The Mayor, who left Tarawa on Monday, 27th March, 2017, gave several presentations as a panelist during the summit and also participated in a presentation for a video recording on the topic of “SDG 11 Activities from the Betio Town Council.” Other topics on which he made presentations are ‘Infrastructure in Local Government’, ‘Participatory Engagements’ and ‘BTC Initiatives’. The Mayor said he found the summit interesting and noted the meeting’s buzzword-“Leave No One Behind.”

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