KiLGA Partners with the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) of Australia


KiLGA and the Local Government of Queensland have developed closer ties with the attendance of the latter’s Annual Conference by the Chairperson and Executive Officer of KiLGA, from 23-25 October, 2012 in Brisbane, Australia.

The attendance of the KiLGA’s delegates was possible with the financial assistance from CLGF and the LGAQ.

The main benefits from the attendance of the LGAQ conference are firstly, both associations have developed a more positive partnership, with the LGAQ providing a mentoring role to KiLGA. Secondly, KiLGA’s delegation was able to discuss issues related to joining LGAQ’s Local Buy scheme.

An MOU is being negotiated on the matter, which when signed by the two parties, will allow KiLGA and its member Councils to have access to quality goods at reasonable prices from suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.

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