Strategic Plan for Abaiang Council drafted

The MayNgaluengaor for Abaiang, Cr. Ngaluenga K. Iatakee, with assistance provided by KiLGA, has produced a draft Strategic Plan for his Council that contains a list of strategies and projects covering the period 2013 to 2016. The Plan has been noted by the full Council in its meeting in February. The Council has also decided to seek financial and technical assistance from CLGF or other sources, for the development and completion of the plan that will include consultation of the Council communities and stakeholders.


Name Abaiang Island Council
Date of establishment 28 March 1967
Total Land Area 17.5 Square Kilometres
Population 5,502; (M—2745; F—2757)
Annual Growth 5.34
Mayor Ngaluenga K. Iatakee (2012—)
Clerk Ms. Boboua Kaareta
No. of elected members 14
No. of Special members 1
No. of Nominated members 2
No. of ex-officio members 3
No. of Council-paid employees 67
No. of seconded government staff 5
Date of last (and next) Election August 2012
Annual Revenue (2012) $282, 639.00
Annual Expenditure (2012) $282, 456.00
Contact details Phones—(686) 33200; 33202; 33203;E-mail:

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