Eutan Tarawa Council (ETC) Drafts Its Operational Plan

The Council for NortETCh Tarawa, Eutan Tarawa Council (ETC) is being assisted with the drafting of its Strategic Plan by KiLGA. The Executive Officer of KiLGA, Rikiaua Takeke, visited the Council from 20 to 21 March, 2012 on the invitation of the Mayor, Cr. Harry Tekaiti discuss the formulation of its Strategic Plan. The activities undertaken included the collection of Council and island information, discussions with Counil leaders and staff and site visits to Council assets and other areas that have potential for LED.

During the discussion with the Mayor, Cr. Harry Tekaiti and the Clerk, Mr. Tabera Emire, it was agreed that KiLGA will assist in the drafting of the Strategic Plan by seeking financial assistance from relevant partners, while the Mayor will take up the matter with the full Council for their discussion and approval. The Mayor also conveyed his vision of improving life in North Tarawa through education and private sector development. Major development projects that the ETC is keen to implement include the commercialisation of its fish ponds, development of tourism and improving living quarters for its workers.


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