“The GPS Project was never approved,” Australian High Commissioner.

A meeting between the Australian High Commissioner, George Fraser and the KiLGA’s Executive Board on 8 May, revealed that funding for the GPS/ Twinning Project between Australian Councils and their counterparts in Kiribati was never approved by AusAID, contrary to reports from the CLGF Pacific, based in Fiji. During the meeting held at the Australian High Commission in Bairiki, attended by Mark Dacombe, an ARIAL Local Government expert, confirmed reports that AusAID does not have Local Government on its priority list. 

The High Commissioner admitted that the project was one of the many projects taken up to AusAID for funding, but was one of the those cancelled when financial constraints was experiences.The cancellation brought a lot of disappointment to KiLGA and its members, esp. the Urban Councils since the many benefits of the project, such as capacity building of Council staff, development of Internet connections and others were not to be realised.The Executive Board also placed a request for a used vehicle to be used by the Association, but the High Commissioner advised that KiLGA has to join the queue when their vehicles are up for tender, in accordance with the current policy on the matter.




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