Councils Request Assistance on their SP

ManyCouncils have requested KiLGA to assist them make their Council Strategic Plans for 2014-’17. These include Kiritimati, Makin, Butaritari, ETC, Tamana, Arorae and Teeraina.

Based on these requests, KiLGA is contacting its partners, notably MISA and the CLGF Pacific, for funds to undertake the SP work with Councils. Already, CLGF has advised that they will work together with Hunters Group of Councils from Australia to make the Kiritimati Urban Council’s SP. KiLGA is willing and capable to assist the rest of the Councils with their SPs.

The Chairman of the KiLGA, Mayor Romano Reo has reported that he has taken up the matter with the Director of the CLGF Pacific, Karibaiti Taoaba, asking for financial and technical assistance. The Director, in her recent visit to Tarawa in June, indicated that the request by Mayor Romano is proper since KiLGA is a full member of CLGF. It is the duty of CLGF to support and assist with requests of its members.

KiLGA became a full member of CLG in 2012 with a payment of a membership fee of $2,000. KiLGA’s membership of CLGF means that all its member Councils in Kiribati are also members, who are entitled to benefits from such membership.


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