KiLGA’s Chairman showcased KiLGA’s Success at the CLGF Forum

Mayor Romano Reo, Chairman of the KiLGA, attended the CLGF Biennial Meeting at Kampala, Uganda, from 15-16 May, where he was invited to make a presentation on how KiLGA has successfully completed a year of operation.

Mayor Reo attended the CLGF meeting as Chairman of KiLGA and Mayor of BTC, both being full members of the CLGF. TheChairman’s presentation explained the challenges and success of KiLGA since it was established in 2012 and was well received by the audience.    During the meeting, the Chairman was able to meet with other delegates with whom he promoted KiLGA and set up partnerships that will benefit the Association.

He also met with Karibaiti Taoaba, the Director of the CLGF Pacific, and discuss how the regional office of the CLGF can assist KiLGA and its Council members in Kiribati, particularly in development projects. He also discussed the need to firm up a partnership between CLGF, the Hunters Group of Councils from NSW Australia and KiLGA  to allow for various capacity building projects for the Kiribati Councils’ staff.

The Kiribati government was also represented at the CLGF Forum by the Minister for MISA, Vice President Hon. Teima Onorio and her Director of Local Governments, Amina Uriam.       Hon. Teima Onorio is a Board member of the CLGF, for the Asia Pacific sector. Kiribati was first elected to the Board in 2009 during the CLGF’s meeting in the Bahamas. Hon. Teima Onorio was re-elected to the Board for another term during the Kampala meeting.


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