KiLGA Supports Moves for Councils to be Disability Inclusive

The Executive Officer of KiLGA was invited to a workshop organised jointly by the Disabled Persons Association Toamatoa which was facilitated by a team funded by AusAID, held at BTC boardroom in early May.

The purpose of the workshop is to review progress in getting Persons With Disability (PWD) in Kiribati to be included in the work of the government and the Councils.

There are many issues and proposals discussed at the workshop but one of the key issues was adapting construction plans that will allow PWDs to enter public offices and buildings without hindrance.

KiLGA is agreeable with the proposal and suggested that a national Building Code be finalised and reviewed by all stakeholders including Councils and adopted to ensure that PWDs are allowed access to Council offices, by replacing steps with ramps and to construct restrooms and other facilities to suit PWDs.


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