The Executive Board Exchanged Information with the Vice President

The KiLGA’s Executive Board had a meeting with the Vice President and Minister for Local Government, Hon. Teima Onorio, on Monday 6 May at   her office in Bairiki.

The Board discussed various Local Government issues including the Induction Programme for Councillors and Mayors, the Local Govrnment Review report by Steven Tweedie, correction of the Mayors’ DSA while on government business, among others.

The Board also updated the Vice President with its latest decisions on issues such as the Pacific Local Government Network, of which KiLGA is a founding member; its partnerships with NGOs such as KFHA, KiriCAN, Live & Learn, and private companies such as  LMTA.

In response the Vice President informed the Board that the Induction programme is ongoing, that the National Sports Tournament is being prepared, there are improvements to the management of Elderly Funds and that government is working on a proposal to increase government grant to Councils in relation to population increases.

The Vice President also asked the Board to note that despite the increasing of the term CEO for Clerks, the amendment to the Local Government Act on the issue has not taken place yet and as such the title CEO should not be used. She also urged the Mayors to do something about the abuse of young girls at kava bars, especially on South Tarawa.The KiLGA’s delegation was joined by Mark Dacombe, the ARIAL Programme consultant, who was on a tour to Tarawa to assist KiLGA develop project proposals for funding by donors. The Vice President was accompanied by her Secretary, Booti Nauan the Director for Local Government, Amina Uriam.


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