ARIAL sends an expert to conduct a Financial Sustainability study on KiLGA

On 2 – 4 September 2013, a visit was made to KiLGA by an expert on Local government finance, Mr Alfonso Garcia. The assessment was commissioned by VNG – International on behalf of the EU-funded ARIAL programme. The main objective of the visit was to find ways to make KiLGA sustainable after the ARIAL program finally comes to the end in December 2013. Below are some of the activities performed: 1.Consultative process with KiLGA 2.Field work with Secretariat staffs assisting in developing a Financial Sustainability Strategy 2. Analysis of key documents of KiLGA 3. Providing home-based coaching and mentoring of the local counterparts identified by KiLGA 4. Meetings with KiLGA members namely the Betio Town Council and Teinainano Urban Council .



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