Abaiang Strategic Plan finalised by the Kiribati National Expert Group

Abaiang21 February – The Kiribati National Experts Group on Climate Change (KNEG) held a meeting at the RAK Conference Centre in Antebuka to finalise the Island Vulnerability Assessment (IVA) report and Strategic Plan for Abaiang. Participants included all members of the KNEG and the visiting officials from GIZ and SPC based in Fiji. These include Hanna Sabass (GIZ) and Asrael and Siva from SPC.
One key outcome of the meeting was the agreed deadline for the completion of the IVA and the Abaiang’s ‘Whole of Island’ Strategic Plan. Another was the decision to delay the visit to Tab North for a Whole of Island approach assessment there from May to mid-2014.
KiLGA’s involvement with the drafting of the Abaiang Strategic Plan began in 2013.

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