Processing and Bottling Toddy Products for Export

The Senior Trade Officer of the Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Cooperatives (MCIC), Ms. Roreti Eritai, paid a visit to KiLGA on 19 February to discuss ways to process toddy products and enhance handicrafts for export.
On the issue of handicrafts, Ms. Eritai advised that her Ministry is keen to support initiatives on the production and export of handicrafts that are of high quality. On the proposal to reprocess and bottle kamwaimwai and bwakamaieta as health foods and delicacies, she advised that there are simple and inexpensive machines that can be used to process and bottle kamwimwai (toddy syrup) and bwakamaieta (toddy-coconut cream mixture) to international export standards.
It was agreed that KiLGA will formally approach MCIC for assistance on the matter, especially for securing a suitable machine for the toddy products processing .
The meeting also agreed to plan a get-together of stakeholders, to discuss the proposal and come up with constructive steps to produce toddy products for exports.

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