TUC Councilor Seeks Canadian Philanthropist’s Assistance

The Councillor for Teaoraereke East Ward, in the Teinainano Urban Council area, Cllr. Birikiti Biriko, has asked KiLGA to assist him convey a request from his people, to Tom Crist of Galgary, Canada, to help finance home gardening development projects in his community.
In a visit to KiLGA’s office on 10 January, the Councillor sought the assistance of the Association to initiate contacts with Tom Crist. A message sent to the CLGF office in London, asking for contact details of the Local Government Association in Galgary, has not been successful.
Cllr Biribo said that he first heard about the Canadian philanthropist and his donations to worthy causes on Radio Kiribati. The national radio station reported that Mr. Crist won $40m from a lottery and wanted to donate some of it to charity. The Councillor thought his community would be better off with some such assistance. He said it is a good way to motivate his community members, many of them unemployed fishermen and home gardeners, to fish and grow more vegetables to improve the diet of their children and sell them to restaurants and more wealthy people for some income. The financial assistance will be used to buy seeds, tools and more expensive equipment such as boats and trucks.

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