T.A. on Local Economic Development (LED) visits Kiribati

Abaing SPA CLGF Pacific-funded TA, Mr Henry Sanday, (pictured) worked with the Ministry of Intermal Affairs (MIA), Teinainano Urban Council (TUC), Betio Town Council (BTC), KiLGA and other stakeholders, on a scoping study aimed at developing Local Economic Development (LED) by Councils.

Mr. Sanday met with KiLGA officials on 28 January at their office in BTC, and was presented with a list of LED proposals that the Association was working on. One of these is the Bulk Purchase scheme that CLGF has agreed to support, given its potential as a means of generating revenue for the Association to support its operations and projects.

Another LED proposals is the processing of kamwaimwai and bwakamaieta, both made from today,which are popular and considered healthy food.


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