KiLGA Visited the Tourism Officer to discuss LED

The Executive Board held a discussion with staff of the Kiribati Tourism Office (KTO) on 10 January, on how to encourage tourism on the outer islands.

At the meeting, the Director of Tourism, Ms. Reei Onorio, explained that the KTO is happy to assist Councils develop their own, or private guesthouses, to the Mauri Mark standards. They can also promote cultural events and historical sites, unique to the islands, so that visitors are encouraged to go there.

They are also willing to run training courses to Council’s, and private guesthouse’s staff, on Hospitality and Tour Guiding.

Recently the KTO partnered with TUC on the application of the Mauri Mark at guesthouses and hotels in its area. It has run training for guesthouse staff on various subjects on Abemama and ETC. The KTO encouraged Councils to submit information on tourism from their islands to be included in its database.

It also offered to assist the Councils and entrepreneurs in securing loans from DBK for tourist-related developments.

In response, the members of the Executive Board invited KTO to visit their islands.


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