The Executive Board’s Meeting with the Vice President Focused on the Coordination of their Work

VPJanuary 9 – The Vice President and Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Teima Onorio, met with the KiLGA’s Executive Board, in Bairiki, to discuss, inter alia, the need for a better coordination of the two organisations’ work.
The Vice President said that work normally undertaken by her Ministry are being carried out by the Association, such as making Strategic Plans for Councils. This is creating a duplication that could be costly in terms of resources and time. On the issue of the delay to the approval of Councils’ Annual Estimates for 2013, she explained that work done to ensure that the legal requirements for the estimates are in place was the main cause. Although the work has delayed 2013 Estimates, it has also helped speed up work on those for 2014.
KiLGA’s Chairman, Mayor Romano Reo, in his opening remarks, welcomed the creation of the new Ministry of Women, Youths and Social Affairs as an ‘unburdening’ of MIA to focus on local government work.
The meeting discussed a range of issues including the Bulk Purchase Scheme, the Council Profiles work, the 2014 Mayors’ General Meeting, regular salaries for Mayors, setting a standard rate for Mayors’ sitting allowances, capacity building for Council staff and the need for Councils to combat abuse of girls at kava bars.
The Director of Local Government reported that CLGF has agreed to fund some of the Ministry’s activities for 2014, including, among others, the Policy development for Urban Councils, a Leaders’ Dialogue (to involve MPs, Mayors and Traditional Leaders) and Strategic Planning workshops for Councils
The Vice President and the Board agreed to continue with this type of meeting on a quarterly basis. They also agreed that KiLGA would continue with the Council Profile work and take over the training of Council-paid staff. Sharing of resources would also be encouraged and communication between the two should be made easier to ensure that there is good coordination of work and projects at all times.


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