KiLGA invited to the UN Pacific Strategy Consultation

7 July, USP Campus, Teaoraereke – KiLGA was one of many representatives invited to the UN Pacific Strategy Consultation, held at the campus. The main aims of the consultation was to reflect on the key achievements and lessons learned from the work of the UN in Kiribati, compile expectations and priorities that the UN should focus on during 2018 – 2022 period, and reinforce UN commitment to the SAMOA Pathway and support to Kiribati to achieve the SDGS by 2030.un-consultation

Keynote speakers included Hon. Dr. Teuea Toatu, Minister of Finance & Economic Development, who emphasized the need for the UN Pacific Strategy to be aligned to the Kiribati Development Plan, Ms. Raatu Aretaake, Senior Economist at the National Planning Officer, Cromwell Bacareza, Head of UN Joint Presence Office in Kiribati, and Tessie Lambourne, Secretary of Commerce, Industries and Cooperatives.

One of the highlights of the consultation was an engaging presentation by pupils from the Sunrise Primary School in Temaiku that emphasized a clear message to the UN to help ensure that children in Kiribati have better access to quality education at all times.

Recommendations from the consultation included providing support to the government and stakeholders in Kiribati for improved social services and effective implementation of the SDGs, the need to have the UN’s Strategy aligned to the Kiribati Development Plan, and focus on prioritized needs such as Climate Change adaption, income generation, gender empowerment, infrastructure development, local produce initiatives, human rights, and others.


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