Local Government Toolkit Trialing on Butaritari Island

20-24 July, Butaritari – The Deputy Chairman of KiLGA, Mayor Romano Reo was accompanied by the EO on a tour of Butaritari for the dual purpose of trialing the ‘Local Government Toolkit’, and monitor the progress of the EU-UNICEF Water Tanks project, jointly-implemented by Kiriwatsan 1 and the Butaritari Island Council.

Mayor Nakareke Benson, standing middle, and his senior staff.

Mayor Nakareke Benson, standing middle, and his senior staff.

The team met with the Mayor and his senior officials to discuss the Local Government Toolkit, also known as ‘Te Kete ni Waki Ibukia Kauntira’ and identify its strengths and weaknesses. The team also presented a report on the 23 Council’s financial management performances over the 2013-2015 period, based on seven criteria that included rate of earnings, services rendered, own-funded projects, indebtedness and others. The Council has scored well on the assessment since it has moved upward from 12th position in 2013 to 6th in 2014 and 3rd in 2015. Overall, Butaritari Council is the ranked 7th on sound financial management among all 23 Councils.

While on the island, the team also managed to monitor NZ-funded projects, meet with staff of the newly-established St. Leo College in Tanimaiaki village, attend a mwaneaba anniversary function on Bikati islet and started data-collection for the Council’s profile.

The team acknowledged with gratitude the hospitality and cooperation provided by Mayor Nakareke Benson and his officials and wished them well in their future work and the financial sponsorship by UNDP under its Social Accountability Project.


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