KiLGA Visits Arorae to Monitor Work Progress on EU-UNICEF Water Tanks

4-11 August – Mayor Romano Reo, the Deputy Chairman of KiLGA, accompanied by the EO and Emaima Tokitebwa from UNICEF’s office, visited Arorae to monitor progress of the Water Tanks provided by the EU-UNICEF. While on the island, the team consulted with the full Council and representatives of the communities to discuss WASH, drafted the council’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and scrutinize the Local Government Toolkit, or ‘Ana Kete ni Waki te Kauntira’.

The team noted that the 1,500 litre water tanks have arrived on the island and were awaiting the Council’s leadership in distributing and building them at community areas.

The team was also able to start on the Council Profile by collecting relevant data, including pictures of social and economic activities. When a government ministerial team visited the island, the team also provided assistance to the Mayor and Councillors as they discussed their draft Strategic Plan 2017-2020 with the government team.

The team thank Mayor Ioane Tanieru and his staff for their kindness and assistance and UNICEF for funding the tour.

Arorae Mayor Ioane Tanieru (far right) and his Councillors, with the Clerk, Nei Rianna Beniamina, the sole female, in the group.

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