KIT’s new Principal Discussed TVET for Youths with ChildFund and KiLGA

28 October, BTC – Julie Kean, the new Principal of the Kiribati Training Institute, revealed her visions for providing relevant training programmes for Kiribati youths, including those on the outer islands, during a meeting with ChildFund’s Rick Steel and the KiLGA’s Executive Officer.
The Principal said that KIT is introducing a Foundation and Bridging Programme aimed at providing TVET courses relevant to youths who have missed out, or felt left out of mainstream education, and who would like to have a fresh start in life and be given the opportunity to get employment or pursue higher education.
The Bridging programme, which is aimed more specifically for outer island youths, who do not have senior-level education, is very much welcomed by KiLGA, which has the responsibilities of providing capacity building for Council employees.
ChildFund and KiLGA have been working together since they, together with BTC, signed a Partnering Agreement in October 2016, to run a pilot project for improving children’s conditions in the Betio Village area, once funding assistance from the New Zealand government is secured. One of the project’s components is setting up a Youth Learning Centre to provide training on life– and communication-skills, which fits in well with the KIT Principal’s visions and plans.
The meeting agreed that there are synergies in the KIT, ChildFund and KiLGA’s plans and noted KIT’s willingness to assist in the development and resourcing of the ChildFund’s proposed Youth Learning Centre and support to KiLGA’s plans on the training for Council staff.

Julie Kean with Richard Steele of ChildFund

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