New Chairman Briefed on His Roles

29 Nov. 2016 —The new Chairman of KiLGA, Mayor Taoaba Kaiea of TUC (pictured) was briefed on his roles for the Association by KiLGA staff, at a session held at his TUC office in Teaoraereke, witnessed by Vice Mayor of TUC, Cllr. Raurenti Toatu. The Chairman’s roles include chairing both the Association’s Executive Board and General Meetings, being a trustee of the Association’s financial documents and the chief spokesperson for KiLGA.
A similar briefing was carried out for the Deputy Chairperson, Mayor Tauia Viane Taoaba (BTC), a few days later.
Both the chairman and the deputy chairperson took over from Mayor Ruoikabuti Tioon and Mayor Romano Reo, respectively.
Since KiLGA’s establishment in 2012, there have been three chairpersons, namely, Mayor Romano Reo (founding chairperson with two terms), Mayor Ruoikabuti Tioon and the current chair.

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