KiLGA Attended DevNet Conference and Met Partners in New Zealand

DevNet Conference
5 Dec. 2016—A joint-sponsorship by ChildFund (NZ) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) of NZ, allowed KiLGA’s Executive Officer (EO), Rikiaua Takeke, to attend the DevNet Conference at the Victoria University of Wellington. At the conference the EO made a joint-presentation with Ms. Shona Jennings, the Programme Director of ChildFund NZ, that explained the Viable Systems Model used in the partnership between ChildFund, KiLGA and the Betio Community. The EO also chaired a Development Practitioners’ panel which saw a presentation by CARITAS New Zealand on a survey done in Kiribati for the Catholic church, among others.

Meeting with MFAT Officials
6 Dec.—The EO accompanied ChildFund senior officials to a meeting with MFAT at its office in Wellington, to promote the Kiribati ChildFund Project in Betio. The EO provided additional information on Betio, KiLGA and Local Government in Kiribati.
KiLGA and ChildFund have signed a Teaming Agreement to work together on a project at Betio village, (with a possibility of replication in other Councils in the future) aimed at improving economic and social conditions for children, with funds being sought from MFAT.

Meeting with the Local Government Association of NZ (LGNZ)
Later that day, the KiLGA’s EO, accompanied by Shona Jennings of ChildFund, visited Ms. Helen Mexted, (pictured below) Deputy Chief Executive Advocacy of the Local Government Association of NZ (LGNZ), at the Association’s main office in Wellington. The meeting between the officers was brief but allowed the KiLGA’s EO to express the interest of KiLGA in developing a partnership with the LGNZ on various areas including Bulk Purchase and Exchange schemes.

Meeting ChildFund (NZ) Executive Director and Staff
8 Dec. Auckland—The KiLGA’s EO was invited to meet the staff of ChildFund NZ in their HQs. About 20 staff of the NGO were present including the Chief Executive Officer, Paul Brown.
Shona Jennings, the Programme Director of ChildFund facilitated the gathering, during which some of the staff asked questions about KiLGA and its work in Kiribati.

DevNet Seminar with KiLGA’s Executive Officer, Rikiaua Takeke (Centre).

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