Review of Local Government Act Underway

KiLGA was involved in a review of the Local Government Act, carried out at various times in December, 2016, coordinated by Teewa Tonaeka of the Local Government Division (LGD) of MIA. Other local experts involved include Rine Ueara, former Director of LGD and Chief Electoral Officer and many more selected senior government officials. The Review also included points raised in the ‘Tweedie Report’ made in 2014 by Steven Tweedie, who undertook a review of the Local Government system, funded by CLGF.
One of the key changes agreed to by the Review Committee, which was also recommended by Mayors during the third Mayors General Meeting in April 2016, is the need to have Mayors continue in their office after the Councils are dissolved for new elections, until the new Mayor takes over. Currently it is the Council Clerk that takes on that office.

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