Mayors and Clerks met the new Secretary of MOJ

Secretary of MOJ, Birimaka Tekanene, explaining his Ministry, watched by two of his divisional heads and Mayor Kanofou Kieni of Teeraina (far Right).

Many questions about the newly-created Ministry of Justice (MOJ—Botaki ni Mwakuri Ibukin te Tua) were answered for the Mayors and Clerks, during a session by the MOJ’s Secretary, Birimaaka Tekanene, on 24 January, 2017 at USP Conference Centre in Teaoraereke.
Birimaka explained the vision, objectives, structure and divisions that have become part of, or given oversight over to the Ministry. These include Admin of Law & Justice, Justice Service and Policy, Prisons (Corrections) and Probation, Legal Aid & Human Rights, Civil Registration, Election, Citizenship, Customs Service, and Law Reform. It has oversight over the Office of the Attorney General, Parliament and the Judiciary. The Ministry’s existence was allowed when Parliament approved the Constitution amendment on 8th September, 2016. On 28th September, 2016, it was formerly established with the swearing in of Hon. Natan Teewe as its first Minister.
The Mayors expressed support to the Secretary and his new Ministry but revealed that Judiciary and Police officers’ attitudes towards attendance that need his attention.

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