Mayor of Teinainano Urban Council (TUC)

Taoaba was born on 16/10/1976 on Tabuarorae, Onotoa. He was educated at Moroni High School and trained at the LDS’ Church College in Hamilton, NZ. He was elected Mayor in 2016, but has been an elected Councillor for Bikenibeu East-West Ward from 2008 till the present time. He has been computer operator in many government divisions, from 2000-2013 and is currently Acting Lecturer in Computing at the Kiribati Teachers College. He is also the President of the Kiribati Powerlifting Federation and member of various boards and committees. Mayor Taoaba Kaiea is the current Chairman of the Kiribati Local Government Association, KiLGA. His wife is Nei Rubentetaake Kaabotau, and they have four sons and five daughters,

Taoaba Kaiea

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