TUC’s Strategic Plan Organising Committee approves Action Plan

23 February, TUC Boardroom – KiLGA was invited to join a meeting of the TUC Strategic Plan Organising Committee, coordinated by the TUC’s Organisational Development Technical Advisor (AVID), Andrew Antenucci, to review and endorse the proposed work plan for the Strategic Planning formulation. Other technical officers invited were Eliza Tokataake, Urban Management Officer of MIA, MP Teburoro Tito, Mayor of BTC Tauia Taoaba and his Clerk, Mikari Ooka. The TUC’s Strategic Planning Committee, is comprised of the Mayor, Mr. Taoaba Kaiea, his Vice Mayor, Mr. Raurenti Toatu, Councillor Tebwebwe Teraka, Clerk Akoia Teabi, Andrew Antenucci and the Deputy Clerk. The Committee reviewed the Action Plan that will involve extensive community consultations, to be led by Councillors for each ward, technical meetings as well as full Council meetings. An estimated $6,000 would be needed for the consultations and other requirements, for which the Urban Management Officer from MIA was asked to seek and secure from government or other sources.

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