Mayor Tauia Taoaba attends the UNESCAP’s City Mayors Summit in Thailand

Mayor Tauia Taoaba (BTC), Deputy Chairman of KiLGA, (pictured) represented the Association at the Asia-Pacific’s City Mayors Summit, held in Bangkok, Thailand from 29-31 March, sponsored by UNESCAP. The summit titled, ‘Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2017’ (APFSD 2017) had as its theme – “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing Asia Pacific.”
Mayor Tauia had a chance to meet with other Mayors from the Asia Pacific region in a Roundtable that allowed deliberations on the APFSD’s theme and provided the perspective of local governments, drawing from experiences across cities in Asia-Pacific in eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity. Another outcome of the summit is the list of recommendations for strengthening local action for poverty eradication and promoting prosperity in the region.
The Mayor, who left Tarawa on Monday, 27th March, 2017, gave several presentations as a panelist during the summit and also participated in a presentation for a video recording on the topic of “SDG 11 Activities from the Betio Town Council.” Other topics on which he made presentations are ‘Infrastructure in Local Government’, ‘Participatory Engagements’ and ‘BTC Initiatives’. The Mayor said he found the summit interesting and noted the meeting’s buzzword-“Leave No One Behind.”

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