KiLGA Joins UNICEF and KIRIWATSAN Celebrate World Water Day on Butaritari

22 March, Butaritari – The Executive Officer of KiLGA joined a team from UNICEF and Kiriwatsan II from Tarawa to witness one of the most exciting and colourful celebrations of World Water Day on Butaritari atoll.
The celebration, held at the Council field, involved marching by school children, community and women’s groups, dancing and music and a display of the famous unuaka war game, done by very young boys and girls from Tabonuea. The unuaka game proved to be the highlight when boys, as young as nine, skillfully stepped forward and danced, swayed and maneuvered their way to avoid thick bwabwai stalks hurled at them by adults, who seemed determined to hit them. The kids were well-trained and their split-second movements to deflect or sidestep the speeding missiles, saved them from certain injury or worse. Fortunately, none were hit, much to the joy of the onlookers and the sobbing of their mothers.
The rest of the celebrations, which took place in the Council mwaneaba, involved competitions by schools on public speaking, drama, poem reading and singing. It was great entertainment and a special time to bring together all schools and communities to learn about water as a precious commodity and celebrate the day together. Pauline Komalong, Project Director of Kiriwatsan III, was overjoyed. “I am so proud of the Council and the communities, for they voluntarily put all their efforts, resources and hearts into the celebration.”

Children from Tabonuea performing the ‘Unuaka’ game

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