Proposed Councils’ Adaptation Fund to Assist Councils

Most Councils in Kiribati have money constraints in their operations and for projects for their communities. One way of providing such resources is to pool together their own funds and establish a Local Government Development Fund that should be able to provide small grants to Councils as and when needed and is sustainable.
KiLGA is currently collaborating with the Rural Planning Division (RPD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose Acting Director Kaotitaake Kokoria is consulting relevant authorities and bodies on the matter. These include the National Economic Planning Office (NEPO), Kiribati Development Bank (KDB) and the Kiribati Provident Fund (KPF). KiLGA has also consulted other bodies including the World Bank, USAID’s Climate Ready, PIPA and others.
One proposal is to study the Tuvalu’s Falekaupule Fund model, which is very successful. Initial contacts has been made with officers of the Falekaupule Fund and more discussions are expected in the near future.
Recently, concrete support came from the Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA) Trust Fund’s CEO, Mr. Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa, who expressed his support to the move and his willingness to provide technical advice and advocacy with its international partners.
Some Councils have already agreed to invest their own funds in the Fund., including their IBD savings as well as their allocations from the government’s Priority Projects.

Kaotitaake Kokoria (Left) and Eliza Tokataake, during the IPO training

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