KiLGA,a Founding Member of the ‘Belt Road’ and ‘Maritime’ Committees

During the UCLG ASPAC’ Executive Bureau Meeting, at Catbalogan City, Philippines, the KiLGA’s delegation attended three landmark events—the ‘EE Rating Workshop’, the ‘Panel Discussion on the SDG and NUA’ and the establishment of the ‘Belt & Road’ and the ‘Maritime’ Committees.

The City and Local Government Enabling Environment Assessment (EE Rating) Workshop—The EE Rating workshop took place on the 4th April, 2017 at the San Francisco Hotel, where reports on EE Ratings from 23 countries were reviewed. The ratings were based on 12 criteria against which a City’s and Local Government’s enabling environment are assessed. The criteria range from ‘Constitutional Framework’ to ‘Women’s Involvement’.

The Kiribati EE Rating assessment was coordinated by KiLGA, and involved a focus group discussion attended by experts on Local Government. The Kiribati report has a low score of 55%, as against the top-rated Bhutan’s . 98%. EE Ratings are important as they provide a baseline for activities, including localizing the SDGs, and identify areas for reforms to make Local Government systems more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Panel Discussion—‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the New Urban Agenda (NUA)’. The event took place on the 5th April at the M Grand Royale Hotel, when Mayor Taoaba Kaiea, made a presentation, as one of three panelists, on the status of SDGs and NUA in Kiribati. He explained the challenges in implementing these international agreements, including a lack of awareness on their details, financial constraints faced by Councils, land ownership, legislative environment and traditional values.
In his recommendations, the Mayor urged UCLG ASPAC to assist Kiribati implement the SDGs and NUA, by providing required financial and technical assistance and capacity building.

Establishing the ‘One Belt Road’ and ‘Maritime’ Committees—The ’One Belt and Road’ Committee’ is led by Hangzhou City, that will facilitate UCLG ASPAC members to identify opportunities for collaboration in multiple areas. The Committee will also focus on people-to-people relations and thus will conduct cultural and educational exchanges to deepen mutual understanding.
The ‘Maritime’ Committee is an initiative by Fuzhou City, established to stimulate cooperation, particularly on agriculture, fisheries, marine conservation, waterway security, and disaster prevention and reduction. This Committee also functions as a platform to integrate resources, promote exchanges, and inspire advice and suggestions to accelerate cooperation.
The Chairman of KiLGA, Mayor Taoaba, signed the inaugural certificates for both committees, making KiLGA one of the founding members.

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