Government Approved the Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) Act

Parliament passed the Early Childhood Care Education Bill, in its April sitting, marking the formal take over of the preschools by the central government. This is a great historical leap for early childhood education which has been under the control of Councils and private operators and churches for many decades. Most councils in Kiribati, run preschools by providing salaries for the teachers and required resources. The table gives the number of teachers by Council and their total annual salaries, based on 2013 figures, provided from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Note that TUC, Kuria and Banaba have no preschool services.

The ECCE Bill was drafted by the Ministry of Education and involved various consultations, one of which was held in early 2017, involving all 23 Mayors and their Clerks.

A preschool teacher and her pupils on Tabiteuea South

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