National Anti-Corruption Committee Meets Visiting Specialists

Anti-Corruption specialists Ms. Mikaela Stojkosus, John Hyde and Tongan MP Lord Fusitu’a, during their meeting with the National Anti-Corruption Committee

21 April, 2017, Utirerei Restaurant, Ambo – Whilst Parliament was nervously discussing cases of corruption from amongst its ranks, from reports released by the Select Committee on Anti-Corruption, a stone-throw away at Utirerei Restaurant, members of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, comprised mostly of government officials and representatives from several NGOs, were sharing information with visiting anti-corruption specialists, Ms. Mikaela Stojkosus and John Hyde of UNDP in Fiji and Tongan MP, Lord Fusitu’a, chairman of the Tongan government’s Standing Committee on Anti-Corruption.
The Kiribati Anti-Corruption Chairman, Terieta Mwemwenikeaki, welcomed the visitors and introduced the Anti-Corruption Strategic Plan developed by the Committee. Ms. Stojkosus reported that they had reviewed the Plan and noted outstanding areas and those that require improvements.
KiLGA, a founding member of the Committee, has also received some assistance from UNDP over the years on various projects, with the most recent being the ‘Local Government’s Anti-Corruption Calendar 2017’, that provides information on all Mayors and included anti-corruption quotations and cartoons.

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