Teinainano Urban Council’s Strategic Plan Consultations at Bikenibeu East (Kootiwei) and Bairiki

Members of the Kootiwei village

A gathering of residents of Bikenibeu East Ward, (Kootiwei), took place in mid-April 2017, at their Catholic Mwaneaba to review the previous Teinainano Urban Council (TUC) Strategic Plan and provided visions and issues for a new one for 2017-2020. The 40-strong group, that included youths and preschool teachers, was very vocal and expressed pressing issues facing them including lack of fresh water, the need for fishing passages, sports fields, access roads and preschools registration.

Meanwhile on 30 April, at Santaake Mwaneaba, Bairiki, another team from the TUC visited the Santaake Group, a Catholic community at the township, to collect their views and issues that they face that should be included in the same plan. The group identified key issues for their community as being, lack of dog control, need for good access roads, inadequate fresh water, absence of flush water for toilets, need for fishing boats for their unemployed members and waste management. One of the two Bairiki Councillors, Teririko Anre, attended the consultation.

Female members of the Santaake group in Bairiki, discussing issues for the TUC’s new SP.

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