KiLGA & Island Stationery Discuss Bulk Purchase Collaboration

Tuesday, 13 June, 2017, KiLGA’s Office – The Manager of Island Stationeries, Burentoun, had a meeting with Cllr: Romano Reo, (volunteer Technical Assistant to KiLGA), when they discussed how the two organisations can work together to supply Councils with their stationery and office supplies orders.
The company is happy to offer good deals to KiLGA for stationery, office equipment and other requirements and orders from the Councils and to use the freight levy facility to deliver the items to the Councils timely and at no cost, where possible.
The Executive Board has been briefed on this and advised that the Procurement Act should be used to guide the arrangements with Island Stationery and other suppliers.

Burentoun of ‘Island Stationery’, (left), shaking hands with Romano Reo.

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