Key Outcomes of the 2nd Executive Board 21st June, TUC

Members of KiLGA’s Executive Board

The KiLGA’s Executive Board (EB) Meeting was attended by all members, except Mayor Bakaia Kiabo from Kiritimati. These were Mayors Taoaba Kaiea (Chairman), Tauia V. Taoaba (Deputy Chairman), Tebabura Tanaua, Teepa Manaia, Tabukirake Baraniko and Mote Terukaio.
The following are some of the key decision and information from the meeting:-
1. Sub-lease for KiLGA’s Office in Bairiki – A cabinet paper seeking the sublease will be submitted to the new Minister. This was endorsed by the EB.
2. Training for Deputy Clerks – The EB was advised that MIA has received UNDP funding for government-seconded staff stationed at the Councils, and there are plans to allocate some for the Council staffs’ training. KiLGA had earlier obtained the EB’s approval to focus training for 2017 on Deputy Clerks, Carpenters, Financial staff and Guesthouse Caretakers.

3. Council Profiles ­- This is still ongoing, awaiting final report of the 2015 Census, which when received will allow for completion of Profiles for Aranuka, Kuria, ETC, Arorae, Onotoa, Tab S. and Nonouti. Profile for Tab North may get funding from KAP III project.
4. Salaries for Mayors – This has been discussed with Te Beretitenti; who advised the EB members that the policy will be implemented in July, 2017. The EB thanked the government for this timely initiative and agreed to ask government to review the amount in the future to make it more fitting to elected leaders.
5. Host for MGM4 – ETC was endorsed as the host of the 4th Mayors General Meeting in 2018. A letter to the Mayor of ETC, Harry Tekaiti on the decision, has been sent.
6. Councils’ Museum and Heritage Sites – The EB was advised that the Battle of Tarawa museum is underway by BTC and its partners. Meanwhile the Banaba Council leaders have been informed of a proposal to put Banaba and the BPC legacy on the UNESCO’s Tentative List for Outstanding Cultural Sites.
7. Tangin-te-aira Community Park – The Mayor from Makin reported that owners of land around the Tanginteaira area, proposed by the Making Council to be converted into a community park, have agreed to allow the Council to go ahead with the project.
8. Invitation to the 2017 Asia Pacific Cities Summit – September, 2017 at Daejeon, South Korea – The EB was informed of this and agreed that KiLGA should attend when funding assistance is available. The EB also approved the attendance of Mayor Harry Tekaiti, on his own cost.

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