Report on TUC Evaluation Discussed by MIA and KiLGA

(L-R) Andrew Antenucchi, Rikiaua Takeke and Teewa Tonaeaka,

12 June, 2017, Taborio – A report by Andrew Antenucchi, AVI Technical Assistant who was tasked to undertake an organization review of TUC with focus on the staff capacity, revealed that there is a lot that needs to be done to improve the way the Council is structured and to make the staff more competent and fruitful in their assigned tasks.

The TA reported that, according to his findings, the current organization structure of TUC, the biggest Council in Kiribati, in terms of population and size of budget, is not defining clear roles and is causing lack of accountability by many officers.
The report also found out that there is an urgent need for a capacity building for the elected and appointed senior officials to improve their knowledge and skills in making decisions and manage employees.
Andrew, recruited in 2016, by former Mayor, Ruoikabuti Tioon, was to promote the enforcement of the Council’s bye-laws.
Mr. Antenucchi’s added responsibility by the new TUC Administration, led by Mayor Taoaba Kaiea, was the drafting of the Council’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.
The Evaluation report was presented to the Director of Local Government, Mr. Teewa Tonaeka and witnessed by the Executive Officer of KiLGA. The report’s methodology is a good tool that can be applied for the review of other urban and rural Councils in Kiribati.

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