TUC Consults Its Key Stakeholders on its Strategic Plan

Participants of the Stakeholders Consultation, in a roundtable discussion; Andrew Antenucchi is the bearded man at right.

June 2, 2017, TUC Boardroom – Representatives from Teinainano Urban Council’s key stakeholders turned up in force to a consultation held at the Council’s HQs in Teaoraereke, to review its past Strategic Plan (2012-2016) and identify priority areas for its new one for 2017-2020.
There were representatives from the major churches like SDA and LDS, government ministries, international NGOs, like the Red Cross as well as village communities.
The consultation involved a practical session on the PESTEL Analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) and the selection of priorities for the new Strategic Plan. These include ‘Improve transport services’, ‘Facilitate improvements to water supply’, ‘Promote an upgrade of sanitation infrastructure and services’, ‘Develop youth capacity’, ‘Support the fishing industry’ and ‘Strengthen pre-school education’.
The group also agreed that the Council’s implementation of its last plan was not satisfactory
The consultation was coordinated by Andrew Antenucchi, the AVI TA, working at the TUC.

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