Tamana Council’s Task Forces

13 June, KiLGA Office – The Mayor from Tamana, Eken Taumauri, visited KiLGA to seek technical assistance regarding the formulation of his Councils’ Strategic Plan and policies.
Since taking office, the Mayor has received strong support from his full Council to establish new changes and set up new Task Forces for the ‘Control of Motorcycle Hire’, ‘Selection of Employees’, ‘Council Housing Tenancy’, ‘Guest House’, ‘Salary Right-Scaling’ and ‘Staff Recognition and Awards.’
The Mayor reported that some new national laws have influenced the establishment of the Task Forces. For example, prior to the passing of the Minimum Wages Act, the Tamana Council had paid out low salaries to its employees, which would now be considered below the minimum wage.
Without adequate financial resources to provide immediate assistance to the Councils, KiLGA will raise funds so that these genuine challenges and initiatives by Councils like Tamana’s, can be supported.

Mayor Eken Taumauri (L) with Hon. Alex Teabo in 2016

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