Policies, Values and Guiding Principles
The following policies, principles and values will be pursed and used in the work and services undertaken by the KiLGA.

1 The KiLGA objectives will be articulated, implemented, monitored and evaluated at strategic times.

2 The KiLGA will work in alignment with the Kiribati Government laws and Councils’ legislations.

3 Accuracy, efficient use of resources, timeliness, accountability, democracy, governance, universality and customer/client satisfaction will be pursed.

4 Information collection, storage, application, retrieval, sharing and display using appropriate internationally-accepted ICT standards, will be applied.

5 Respect for and appreciation of donor partners is important and deserve responsible use and timely reporting of their grants.

6 Rights of children and women are important in the work and programmes of the KiLGA.

7 Sustainable development that promotes the importance of environmental and cultural factors, including Climate Change and the vulnerability of atoll environments is necessary in the work of the KiLGA.

8 Sound and skillful financial management of Councils and KiLGA resources as prerequisites to development shall be pursued.

9 Good staff are critical to the success of the Councils and KiLGA and as such, staff capacity building shall be given due priority.

KiLGA was formally established when its Constitution was adopted by the General Assembly of its members in March, 2012.
Download the KiLGA Constitution

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