KiLGA’s Strategic Plan

KiLGA’s Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan details potential activities to be undertaken by KiLGA in its first three years of operation. The Strategic Plan is built upon the 7 major objectives contained in the KiLGA’s Constitution.

The Strategic Plan is a result of collective work by many people over the years. It was first drafted by the Mayors’ Mini-forum of October 2011. Later it was reviewed and further developed by a team comprising staff of the KiLGA office and two ARIAL consultants, Taakei Taoaba and Bruce Davidson during a work-meeting in Tarawa, from 27 February to 2nd March, 2012. The team made extensive use of the Kiribati Local Government Project Concept Note, developed by Taakei Taoaba in 2011 and the 2011-2013 Kiribati Local Government Development Plan, developed by Bruce Davidson for CLGF Pacific, in August, 2010.

The activities have been selected with the aim that they are relevant, achievable and affordable.

The Strategic Plan was reviewed and approved by the first General Meeting of KiLGA held at the Nimanraoi Mwaneba, Betio from 20-21 March, 2012.

This KiLGA Strategic Plan will be useful to not only KiLGA but donor and other partners as well. It is also a requirement of ARIAL Programme in providing funding support to establish and sustain KiLGA.

Acknowledgement is made to the ARIAL Programme and its consortium partners, VNG International, CLGF and FSPI, who provided financial, technical and other assistance in the drafting process of this Plan.


Download KiLGA’s Strategic Plan approved by GM

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