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Urban and Island Council profiles can be downloaded here.

There are 23 Councils in Kiribati all of which are members of the KiLGA. Most are island on their own except for Eutan Tarawa, Teinainano Urban and Betio, which are found on Tarawa atoll and Tabiteuea North and Tabiteuea South, found on Tabiteuea atoll.

KiLGA is currently undertaking fieldwork on compilation of data and information on Island Councils. Its first activity carried out funded and supported by CLGF is on three urban Councils – Kiritimati Urban Council, Teinainano Urban Council and Betio Town Council. Fieldwork have been completed for Kiritimati Urban Council and TUC. Fieldwork for BTC is currently in progress.

Up to end of 2015, Council Profiles have been published for Makin, Tamana, Beru and Nikunau. (Refer to Knowledge Hub page for copies of the Profiles). Fieldwork and data collection have been carried for Marakei, Eutan Tarawa, Maiana, Aranuka, Kuria, Tabiteuea South and Arorae. Profiles for the remaining Councils will be carried out in 2017-18.

Tamana Council Profile 8 March 2014 draft
Nikunau Council Profile Final 2
Beru Council Profile FINAL
Makin Profile FINAL 1 May 15
Members of the KiLGA’s Executive Board
KUC Profile July edition

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