The Executive Board

The Executive Board

Since October 2012, the  Executive Board, although unchanged as far as Island Council representation is concerned, is now made up of newly elected members except for BTC, so beside Mayor Romano Reo the ongoing chaiman, the new Board Members are Ataraoti Bwebwenibure (Marakei Mayor), Ruoikabuti Tioon, (TUC) and Kanuongo Moote (Onotoa).

Members of the Executive Board were elected by the General Meeting and have a term of two with a chance to go for re-election. The first members of the Executive Board elected by the first General Meeting of March 2012 are Romano Reo, (Chairperson), Tokia Greig, Tebau Iakoba and Teuarai Tion. (Photos and brief bio are given below.)

Romano Reo, (47), is the Chairman of KiLGA, and the Mayor for BTC. He attended KGV&EBS for his secondary education and then studied at Queensland University of Technology where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Surveying and Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. He is currently the Chief Land Surveyor with the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development besides being Mayor, to which he was elected in 2008. Mr. Reo is an active member of the Kiribati Protestant Church.

Tokia Greig is member of the Executive Board for the Central District. The Mayor for Tarawa Urban Council was first elected as a Councilor in 2008, the same year he was elected Mayor. Prior to that he has held various senior posts in the government as an Administrative Officer and CEO. His last position in the Public Service was the CEO of the Pubic Utilities Board that runs the electricity, water and sewerage services for the whole of Tarawa island from Betio to North Tarawa.

Teuarai Tion, (47), represents the Southern District on the Executive Board. He is the Mayor for the island of Onotoa. He was born on Onotoa on 18 February, 1965. He was educated at the Onotoa Primary from 1970 to 1979 and later continued his education at the Location Primary School in Nauru from 1979-1983. He become a Councilor and then Mayor on 18 September, 2008. Prior to that he was a Mechanic with the Civil section of the MPWU where he spent five years. After that he joined the PVU as a Mechanic. He belongs to the KPC Church.

Tebau Iakoba, (65), is a member of the Executive Board representing the Northern District. He is Mayor for Marakei, first elected Councilor and Mayor in August 2008. Tebau was educated at the St. John Bosco Primary in Betio in 1959 and at St. Joseph’s College in Tabwiroa from 1960 to 1963. In 1979, he attended the Kiribati Teachers College in Bikenibeu and became a Primary School teacher working in several schools and colleges in Kiribati. Prior to becoming a Councilor, he was the Language and Cultural Instructor for the Peace Corps Volunteer Kiribati Programme. He’s a Catholic by faith who likes reading as a hobby.



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